Strategic Planning

We will engage you in the full spectrum of strategic planning and work with staff and board, stakeholders and funders to craft an inspiring and achievable plan. This will include:

  • Connecting the planning process to your core vision and mission
  • Creating the team you need to conduct the planning process
  • Analyze relevant internal and external factors with a version of SWOT analysis
  • Create clear goals and objectives along with the financial model needed to implement the plan
  • Give special focus to identifying areas where capacity development is needed to resource the plan
  • A focused process to ensure the human, technical, administrative and financial resources are in place for the plan to succeed once launched
  • Impact Consults or an Impact Consults partner is available to coach the CEO and senior staff to Implement and monitor the organization’s strategic plan
  • Looking at your organizations culture of appropriate risk taking – is it working for you?
  • Consideration of strategic alliances, joint ventures, back office consolidations and mergers

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