Business Support for Social Enterprises

Impact Consults works with startup and growth stage social mission businesses on business planning, financial analysis, product and customer development and learning from customers, competitors and partners. We utilize both traditional business planning tools and the lean launch framework. “Lean” is a framework for product development and customer development. “Lean” encourages testing and experimentation instead of elaborate planning, values customer feedback over intuition, and uses prototyping methods over traditional “big planning up front” development. It incorporates concepts like the “minimum viable product” and “pivoting”, which enable organizations to be agile and capital efficient. In the lean framework we will focus on questions like these to guide us:

  • Is your organization clear on its value proposition and is your internal view of this aligned with the value proposition clients are seeking? Is this value proposition being communicated effectively?
  • What are your competitors doing? What are they doing better than you are? What can you learn from them?
  • Are you talking with your partners about how you’re doing? Are you meeting their needs and optimizing the potential of these partnerships?
  • Do you understand what creates the social impact you want and discarding what doesn’t?
  • How can you shorten the time in the “create – measure – learn” cycle

Careful planning and anticipation of issues that may arise is often the best way to approach new ventures or program expansion. In our business planning work, Wellspring Consulting helps social sector organizations examine opportunities, assess feasibility, develop financial projections and determine organizational requirements.

Our work includes analyzing financial implications for an earned-income revenue stream, a new venture, a new model for the organization or a major capital investment. To develop future projections, we use historic data, analyze trends and make informed judgments to project the future in key areas such as user demand, changes to funding or increases to costs. To model the financials, we identify the central drivers that will lead to successful and stable operations

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