Revenue Model Analysis and Business Plan Development

Impact Consults will work with you on actionable insights to optimally finance future growth and expansion, address deficits and move towards fiscal sustainability. Does your organization truly understand the implications of its capital structure and revenue model, inclusive of implications for fundraising strategy, liquidity, revenue mix and profitability? Are there cash flow problems? Are you considering a new earned income venture and need financial projections or business planning? We will:

  • Review the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow at a basic level, including analysis of your working capital and liquidity.
  • Conduct an assessment of variable costs and fixed costs, direct and indirect costs and cost drivers, “sunk costs” and potential investments for the future.
  • Analyze your balance of permanently restricted, temporarily restricted and unrestricted assets. The mix of assets can have a significant impact on your flexibility to respond to changes in funding and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. (The implications of your capital structure).
  • Assess implications and plan accordingly for operating revenue sources, assuring sufficient liquidity, appropriate asset mix and implications for fundraising plans; such as consideration of endowments, capital campaigns, developing operating reserves and use of debt.
  • Educate key staff and board members as needed on these topics

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