Impact Consults:
Transformative impact one organization at a time

Impact Consults is designed to help you solve challenging problems, capture opportunities to grow your impact, and if needed support you to achieve fiscal and business model viability. As the founder of Impact Consults, I am doing this work because I believe deeply in the importance and potential of the non-profit sector. By achieving these aims, one organization at a time, Impact Consults is committed to move the needle in the non-profit sector towards transformative impact, wider recognition and fiscal health.

My first twenty years of professional life was spent as a practitioner; building insight through diverse experience; co-founding an organization, serving as a Chief Operating Officer twice and twice as CEO of small and mid-size non-profits. Over the last twelve years, through Impact Consults, I have consulted widely with organizations from startups to $60M annual revenue. You’re doing great work – and it could be even better – contact Impact Consults to move forward

You’re doing great work – let’s take your impact to the next level – contact Impact Consults to move forward.