The toolbox for organizations that intend to grow their impact in the face of intense competition for resources includes the full spectrum of nonprofit collaborations, partnerships and restructurings.

This toolbox spans a range of options as in the chart below:

Impact Consults will support you in considering the potential benefits of strategic alliances, joint ventures, back office consolidations and mergers, as well as provide experienced guidance should you decide to move ahead.





You have aspirational goals and face challenges that may require working together with other like-minded organizations to maximize impact. From multi-organizational alliances to organizations considering the pros and cons of merger across the broad range of nonprofit fields, Impact Consults helps guide organizations as they face critical decisions about how to work with competitors and collaborators, and what criteria to consider in developing formalized relationships with others. We’ll help you identify the key objectives of a shared venture, a viable revenue model and effective structures for governance, work roles and accountability.