Impact Consults provides critical guidance, coaching and intervention before, during and after leadership transitions.

Impact Consults has supported numerous nonprofit executive transitions (CEO/CFO/Dev Director) and provided guidance for organizational crises and brings a steady hand and objective insights when you need it the most. We will focus on at least some of the following depending on your specific situation (these services as well as interim leadership are provided in partnership with Third Sector New England within the New England states):

  • The fundamentals: Are you financially secure in the short run (cash flow, payables, and loan payments) and up to date on reporting requirements to regulators and governmental bodies? Are you in a divisive conflict situation?
  • Transition: We will ensure a positive departure for the CEO or other senior leader; provide mediation or conflict resolution if needed, and effectively process events with staff, board and other stakeholders.
  • Organizational assessment: We will assess progress in your current strategic plan including financial position; discover if other senior staff carries important donor, board and partner relationships; and decide if current staff possesses the skills and capacities necessary to move the organization through and beyond the leadership transition.
  • Search: Carefully review the existing CEO position description, adjust this as appropriate for the search process and determine if an interim executive is needed. Impact Consults does not provide search services per se. Third Sector New England does provide search services.
  • Clarify expectations for the new role with the board and set up two way performance review mechanisms between the CEO and board.
  • For newly arrived leaders following transition we will craft a specific plan for the all important ‘First 90 Days’