It isn’t always easy but it is always vital. The board needs to understand its role, have the right mix of people and focus on what is most critical.

Boards often need someone else to help them see this. We will add value by using the appropriate mix of these services for your organization:

  • Build trustee leadership – increase engagement, investment and effectiveness
  • Define the appropriate roles and responsibilities of the board
  • Specifically focus on the working relationship of the executive director and the board, including the presence or absence of ‘mutual performance reviews’
  • Consider two of the most critical and most frequently neglected board responsibilities: succession planning and developing the pipeline for senior level talent.
  • Analyze the board skills, experience, and networks required to meet the goals of your strategic plan, assess gaps and plan to address them.
  • Educate the board about their unique and important role
  • Focus the board on the highest and best use of their time and talents
  • Provide fundraising training for board members
  • Develop an effective committee structure that results in higher board productivity
  • Assess your organizations placement on a spectrum of appropriate risk taking. Is your approach to risk taking serving you well?