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Nonprofit Collaborations and Mergers

Opportunity to Grow Mission Impact – Yes! Greater Efficiency – Good Chance Lower Costs – Not Necessarily At the recent Clinton Global Initiative University, Chelsea Clinton asked 1,100 entrepreneurs if they had the courage to “come second.” Instead of founding an organization, could they create social, economic, or environmental impact by collaborating—plugging into another founder’s […] Continue Reading

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The Opportunity Matrix

How do nonprofit leaders evaluate opportunities? In the last blog post on The Adaptable Nonprofit part of the post dealt with the question of how to think about piloting new programs. Clearly, how much time and money you spend evaluating opportunities should be in the right relationship to their potential scope and impact. That impact […] Continue Reading

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The Adaptable Nonprofit – Keeping Pace – Setting the Pace

To be adaptable sounds pedestrian, even boring, in a time where all sectors speak constantly about innovation as the ultimate individual and organizational capacity. Innovation is said to be all around us but simultaneously innovation still seems like something magical and far away that only mighty individuals or mighty organizations can attain – we aren’t […] Continue Reading

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Your 21st Century Development Team

Is it any different to run a small to medium size development team today than 20 years ago? Has anything important been learned? These two PowerPoint presentations discuss two areas I would like to see every development team incorporate into its’ strategy. The 21st Century Development Team(1) first area concerns integrating the work of development […] Continue Reading

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Governance, Leadership and Sunk Costs

Scene: Board Meeting Director 1: Thanks for providing these numbers. I see we continue to lose money on the prevention program – what can we do about it? Director 2: The problem is nobody knows about this program. I was speaking with a local last week who had never heard of it! Are we doing […] Continue Reading

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So, you want to be the new Development Director…

So, you would like to be the new Development Director… Recently I both enjoyed and took part in an extended discussion on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s LinkedIn group. This discussion began by referencing the recent report by the research and consulting firm Compass Point titled ‘Under Developed’ that mentions 50% of senior fundraisers want to […] Continue Reading

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Shifts Happen – Leadership Transitions

Your CEO of 14 years just gave four weeks’ notice. If you speak with people whose roles put them in touch with multiple nonprofits (senior staff at nonprofit associations and networks, leaders at Community Foundations, nonprofit centers, United Way leaders, serial board members, and consultants) you will hear an oft repeated tale: “CEO/executive director turnover […] Continue Reading

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The Most Important Thing

Welcome to the impact Consults blog. This blog will attempt to make the following contributions to individual readers and to the broader nonprofit sector: Comment on current topics of relevance across the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors, particularly those impacting small and medium size organizations, bringing a perspective born of my own background and experience […] Continue Reading

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