As founder of Impact Consults I have been privileged over the last 30 years to experience non- profit organizations as an expression of the best of the American spirit. Our services are based on enthusiasm for your purpose, deep listening to your needs, and from wide experience. Your organization is unique, and it is also influenced by observable dynamics and common patterns, internally and within your market environment. These may be dynamics with your donors or board, perhaps chronic revenue shortfalls, leadership transitions or struggles to innovate or imagine the next stage for your business model. Or perhaps you are recognizing a major opportunity to grow your impact or your vision. We have seen these dynamics, worked successfully with them and developed insights and tools to help you take a major step forward. We honor the history and successes of your organization as we work together on the future.


Partners Impact Consults works with a range of partners to bring domain expertise to larger projects as needed. Our three consistent partners are TSNE Mission Works for projects in New England, Giant Shoulders – across geographies, and the Support Center for projects in New York and New Jersey. Please see the partners page for more information.

About Gregg

Gregg Davis, (M.B.A. Columbia University) is an accomplished non-profit leader, strategic problem solver and consultant with 30 years in the sector. He has been a non-profit co-founder, served two organizations as CEO (in Human Services and Higher Education), supervised internal ​ operations as a Chief Operating Officer, led fundraising operations, and over the last decade consulted and advised widely with nonprofit leadership and boards.

Gregg has significant executive level and consulting experience in vision and strategy development, fundraising and board development, leadership transitions and search, mergers, restructuring and organizational partnerships, finance and budgeting and meeting and workshop facilitation.